We all have those spaces in our home that we have forgotten about. These might be areas of your home that you don’t visit frequently, or the standard spring cleaning checklist doesn’t cover these spaces. If you are looking to give your home a deep spring clean, then you will want to add a few more areas to your list! These uncommon areas of your home are easy to forget when you declutter your home, but that doesn’t make them any less important than the classic messy closet!

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If you are ready to tackle and organize your home, then I highly suggest giving these uncommon areas a try! Trust me, once you’ve decluttered and organized these spaces, you’ll be so glad you did!

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Declutter and Organize Uncommon Areas of Your Home


Most of us ride in our vehicles every single day. If you find yourself spending more time at home rather than going out, use this time to give your vehicle a deep clean, declutter, and organize! If you have more than one car, you will want to make sure that you repeat this process for each of your vehicles.

Take everything out

If it’s too hot to stay outside, bring everything from your car inside to organize. Giving your car a little TLC will be more effective if you’re starting with an empty car. If it’s been a while since you’ve been through your car, you may need to start a trash pile as well.


Now that your car is empty take this time to do a thorough clean. If you have time, clean the outside of the car too. But use this time to focus on the inside. Wipe down the dash, windows, glove box, cupholders, and really get into the nooks and crannies of your car.

Categorize and organize

Once your car is sparkling, it’s time to focus on the things we need to bring back into the car. Instead of throwing everything into your glove box, take a few moments to categorize, and even organize your papers and other materials. You can use a coupon organizer to help keep papers such as your registration and insurance cards contained. This is a great trunk organizer that will hold items you need to keep in your car in their place.  I also recommend adding a car trash can if you don’t have one already to help you keep trash off the floors.


Under the Bed

This is probably one of the most forgotten places in your home! Since we rarely spend time under the bed, it doesn’t usually get touched during our weekly cleaning routines. This tip can work for any bed in your home, so you can use these tips to declutter your guest bedrooms and even your bedroom.

Remove everything 

First, you need to start with a blank slate. Take everything out from under your bed and pick up any large pieces that you can reach. This will make cleaning much easier.


Now that everything is out from under the bed, it’s time to clean up this space! Take a vacuum and vacuum underneath your bed. If you have help, consider moving the bed to really get it clean. If you can’t move your bed, you can always use your vacuum attachments to help deep clean this space.

Use under the bed storage containers 

Organize your under the bed items into categories. I recommend these three: Going back under the bed, trash, and belongs in another space. This will help you put things back where they go and prepare you for your under the bed storage in the next step. Once all of your items are categorized, it’s time to organize your belongings into under the bed storage containers. This will help ensure that you can easily access these items later and that they stay contained.


Linen Closet

Linen closets can sometimes be a dumping ground for unused items. The first thing you need to do is determine the function of your space. What will you be storing in your linen closet? What do you plan to keep in the linen closet? Answering these questions first will help ensure that you can properly organize this space.

Declutter nonessential items (or nonlinen items)

Start by purging this space of any things that don’t belong there. You may be shocked to find how many items you were keeping in this space that doesn’t belong here. Next, go through your linen closet and remove anything that you don’t want to keep or doesn’t work for you anymore ie: ripped or tattered sheets and towels.

Organize your linens by category

Mocha Water Hyacinth Bins Set of 3You should now be left with only the linens that you want to keep or any products or items that you want to stay in your linen closet. The best way to organize this space is by organizing them by category. Things such as heavy blankets and heavier linens can be stored in a cold-weather basket while you can store items such as spare towels in another basket. Once you have your categories set, use these basketsicon to help contain your different categories and put them back in your linen closet.  Don’t forget to label your baskets for a finished look!


This is a great list to help you get started with some of the uncommon areas of your home. For more ideas on how to organize and declutter areas in your home you can tackle, check out the following posts:

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What are your favorite organization tips? Do you have any awesome ideas to share? Let me know, drop a note in the comments below!

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