Guest Bedroom Essentials

Whether it’s the Holiday Season, summertime or just anytime — it’s never the wrong time to prepare your guest bedroom for expected guests or even the unexpected guest.

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When someone comes to stay at my home, I like to make them feel as comfortable as possible.  If you’re with me on this, I’ve got you covered!

I was sure my house was set up for guests.

I thought I had all the essentials — a guest bedroom with a bathroom nearby, lots of pillows, clean sheets and folded towels at the end of the bed.

What more was necessary?

Then I read, that “they” say to spend a night in your own guest bedroom and you’ll quickly see what you’re missing — so I did as I was told.
Well… now I can safely say “they” are right. My guest bedroom was missing plenty.

Let me save you the time and trouble of sleeping out of your cozy bed like I did. All you have to do is print out my list of the essentials, get a cup of coffee, or better yet — get a glass of wine, check off what you already have, then cozy up and shop in the comfort of your own home.  I’ve provided all the links to everything below.

Of course, you can still use the list below even if you don’t have a room that’s specifically dedicated to guests.

It doesn’t matter if your guests are sleeping on a bed, a pull-out couch or even an air mattress. You can gather these items together and place them in whatever space your guests will be sleeping.  Believe me — it will be appreciated!

Print out your FREE COPY of The Ultimate Guest Bedroom Checklist. Then you can mark it up and be sure to get everything you want and need.

Free Download Printable Guest Bedroom checklist Pink

    • Clean sheets and towelsWhite Striped Bed Sheet, Guest Bedroom
      • Always provide clean bedding and towels for your guests, and have their room all ready before they get there. This adds a Fade-Resistant Towel Set, 6-Piece Grey, Guest Bedroomnice touch that says you were thinking about them before they arrived.




    • Tissues
          • Have a box handy on the night table.


    • Wastebasket
          • If you have tissues…. you need a wastebasket.




  • Power stripPower Strip for Guest Bedroom
    • Most people these days have multiple devices.


  • Lamp for the night tableBrushed Steel Lamp, Guest Bedroom Night Table
    • Give your guests the opportunity to read or get some work done before going to sleep, just like they would be doing in their own home.




  • Full-length mirrorOver the Door Mirror, Guest Bedroom
    • Often out of town guests are visiting for a special event. With a full-length mirror, they can dress and see their entire outfit. If you don’t have space to hang one on the wall, putting one on the back of the door is a great option.


  • Luggage rackFine Folding Furniture Luggage Race, Guest Bedroom
    • These are great to have.  This way your furniture doesn’t get ruined, but if you don’t have one, a bench, chair or ottoman can serve the same purpose.  Have a clear spot available where your guests can lay their suitcase down and open it all the way.





  • A card with your Wi-Fi password on it Wifi Card printable
    • Place it inside or on the night table, so your guests aren’t twiddling their thumbs at night if they forgot to ask you for it earlier.

Download your FREE SET of Wifi Cards.  Do you prefer the Casual ones or the more Formal ones?  The choice is yours!

Decide which one you like best, print it out, and you’re all set.

Click here to get The Essentials for The Ultimate Guest Bedroom list in a printable form.  You can mark it up and be sure to get everything you want and need from the list.

If you get all or most of these items for your guest bedroom, you can be sure you are all prepped to set up your ultimate guest bedroom!
Have I missed anything? Do you have any other niceties that you do for your guests?

Some people put out chocolates or flowers.  Comment below to let me know what you do to make your guests feel special.

Sign Off Until Next Time

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Be Our Guest - All the Essentials of the Ultimate Guest Bedroom
All the Essentials of The Ultimate Guest Bedroom Be Our Guest
Guest Bedroom Casual WiFi Cards
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  1. Joleisa says:

    You’ve gone to such great lengths to advise on whats ‘in’ for a lovely guest bedroom.
    I visited my friend in Holland once and she had the best guest bedroom ever. She also had a cute little book and pen by the bed. She asked her guests to leave a little comment about their stay. I thought it was such a lovely idea too!

    • Debbie says:

      Joleisa, You’re right! That is such a lovely idea! It’s also a great keepsake. It reminds you who stayed over when, along with a sweet note from them. Kudos to your friend.
      -Xoxo Deb

  2. Denise says:

    What a great list of ideas! I never would have thought about the Iphone charger but what a great help that would be! And the notebook and pen, brilliant!

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Denise! I love trying to anticipate the needs of my guests. I’d hate getting into bed late at night at a friend’s house and then attempting to go through my emails or whatever and then no charge…..just a bummer. I try and think of things I’d like to have. Some of the things are just so simple to supply. Xoxo – Deb

  3. Meredith says:

    This is such a considerate list. You’ve thought of everything! And as someone who sleeps with a bunch of pillows, I would always appreciate that second one.

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Meredith, I totally agree! There is something about lots of pillows that makes me feel pampered. And that’s my goal for my guests. And it’s just so simple to have there waiting for them…and IMO makes the bed look so much nicer! Xoxo – Deb

  4. HDJ says:

    These are other things I’ve added in my guest room:
    Coasters on the nightstand
    Small clock
    White noise machine
    Small decorative bin for snacks and water bottles (I pick snacks for the specific guests).
    Laundry basket in the closet for dirty clothes

  5. Kelly says:

    I love your list! You are the girst person I’ve seen to include wifi password card! I’ve included that one myself. I never thought about extra cords for them to use. My brother-in-law often has to borrow cotds when he visits. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that one! Thank you!!!

    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Kelly! I love adding the little extras to make my guests a little more comfortable and not have to feel like a bother borrowing this or that. I hope you downloaded my Wi-Fi cards. Xoxo – Deb

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